• Fuchstanz Palais
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multi-family-house with 11 apartments and an office 

direct commission, 2014 - 2017

PI Project Immobilien AG service 

phases 1-4, completed, gross floor space 1,303 sqm 

project team: Jens Jakob Happ, Ana Marija Milkovic, Silvia Santos, Matthias Scholz


The building plot is situated on the inside of a generously laid-out city block in Rödelheim’s old town, marked by multi-storied Gründerzeit ensembles as well as single residential buildings from various parts of the 19th century. The specific cityscape of the area with its well-kept single buildings is worth sustaining. With its threefold structure, the new building body resembles a solitary urban element due to both measures and symmetrical layout, thus adapting harmoniously to the Gründerzeit typology of its surroundings. 

Clear-lined punctuated facades with detailed window embrasures, a conscientiously crafted entrance area, as well as structuring cornices, a calm roof form and attractive greenery together form a visual whole. The generous layouts refer to the classical Gründerzeit outline.  The main living space and kitchen area of the apartments open up to the garden. Floorlength windows and light-toned, washed facades recall the formal language of  town villas.