• Hanauer Landstrasse 57
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Frankfurt am Main

two Multi family homes with 6 apartments

direct commission, 2016 - 2018  

Project Immobilien Wohnen AG 

service phases 1-5, u. construction, gross floor area 2200 sqm

project team: Jens Jakob Happ, Tobias Schafroth, Matthias Scholz 


The 5-storied residential structure is situated in the Eastern part of Frankfurt city on a triangular-shaped plot. It is composed of two buildings slightly offset to one another, following the functional principle of the two stairwells. By way of ending in a lower, rounded building part, the “broken” block structure forms a building edge shaped like a forehead. The punctuated, clear-lined facade design follows the formal language of an inner city architecture and is enhanced by a horizontal threefold division, generously shaped entrances, upright window formats with detailed embrasures and a light-colored plastering in white tones.

As a contribution to the surrounding Eastend with its high-quality, sustainable design, the plinth areas are embellished with green ceramic tiles, adding character and shine to the building's expression.