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Rodgau Nieder-Roden

24 service-flats, shops, gastronomy 

direct commission, 2013 - 2015

Werkmann GmbH & Co. KG

service phases 1-4, completed, gross floor area 3,136 sqm

project team: Daniel Brückmann, Jens Jakob Happ, Matthias Scholz


At the entrance to the Rodgau city center, the bridge house spans across the lower Marktstraße in a wide arch. The bridge is one element of a three-part ensemble which forms a gate-like entrée situation by the suburban rail station of Rodgau Nieder-Roden. Service flats are planned on the upper levels of building part A and (bridge house-) building part B. They will offer individually adaptable care so that older people can retain an independent living style for as long as possible. Comfortable two- to four-room apartments with sizes varying between 60 and 110 sqm form a useful addition to the medical competence center (building part C, MSM Architekten). The arcades facing the square shelter the entrances to both a café and a retail space at ground floor level.