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Frankfurt am Main

Hotel Garni, Restructuring and enlargement to 62 rooms 

direct commission, 2015-2017 

Julia and Igor Davidovski

service phases 1-4, completed, gross floor space 1,990 sqm

project team: Jens Jakob Happ, Matthias Scholz, Od Phumphuang


A number of 40 rooms was added to the previous 22 hotel rooms of the Gründerzeit villa. By way of the new extension, the facade line towards Friedberger Landstraße, which was earlier diluted by the receding structures of neighboring commercial buildings, is again made noticeable. The old and new building parts merge into a typological unit through the symmetrical “doubling” of the decorative Gründerzeit facade. Floor heights and roof structure are mirrored as well. The extension pursues the formal language of the villa facade and ends with an ornamental gable at the north corner. The variety of decorative elements is reduced here and relates to the modern facade of the north wing. The connecting north-, west- and inner facades feature floor-length windows, thus forming a visual link to the high windows of the old building. The roof inclination of 45°is followed by the new building design. House technology systems that require an exterior setup are positioned in a recess area of a flat roof.