• Campus Dieburg
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one-family homes, apartment buildings 

two-step assessment 1st prize, 2009 - 2011

CORPUSSIREO Asset Management building plan, 

legal validity 2011, with Büro Dr. Thomas planning area: 10,4 ha


On the southern part of the ca 10 ha university area of Campus Dieburg, the legal prerequisites for a re-utilization as residential building plots need to be established. The goal for the overall concept is to preserve the listed campus lawns (designed after plans by the renowned landscape architect Hermann Mattern) as well as the existing tree stock. The residential buildings are to be embedded in the parkscape while the Campus meadow remains an open space. Campus-associated facilities and living spaces form transitions to the university in the northern part. For the southern part, a new structure set orthogonally to the campus is suggested, which interlaces with the landscape on its margins. Designed as a fragmented, free layout, valuable green stock can be preserved and integrated. Privileged living with open borders by the existing ponds will be made a reality.