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Bad Homburg

58 private homes invited competition 

1st prize, 2007 - 2011  

CORPUSSIREO Projektentwicklung Wohnen GmbH 

service phases 1-5, completed 2007 - 2011, gross floor area 8,790m²

project team: Jens Jakob Happ, Michael Bloedner, Sven Franke, Claudia Oehlschläger, Daniela Krag, Claudia Schnurr, Norman Jansen-Nägele, Kamin Niewelt


The three- to five-storied residential buildings at Bad Homburg’s historical center formulate new urban spaces through both proportions and structure, which harmoniously merge with the baroque typology of the Mühlberg quarter. Clear, punctuated facades with detailed window embrasures and entrances, structuring cornices, calm baroque roof outlines and an appealing design of the outer areas dominate the overall appearance. The generous layouts are oriented on the classical Gründerzeit cut. Living area and kitchen are connected by an axis and open the apartments to two different directions respectively. Wooden shutters, floor-length wooden windows and plaster facades in beige and brown hues recall the Parisian townhouse typology in both material and their understated formal rhythm.