• Heiligkreuz-Viertel Baufeld 8
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multi-family homes and commercial spaces

94 subsidized and private flats, retail

invited competition, 1.st prize 2019


GWH Wohnungsgesellschaft mbh Hessen (Hesse housing association)

service phases 1-4, in planning

gross floor space 10,400 sqm

project team: Jens Jakob Happ, Francisco Marín Nieto, Jutta Berger

cooperation with: Die LandschaftsArchitekten Bittkau 


The layout aims at a unique appearance while still corresponding with the surrounding plots. The individual design concept of the facades shows clear-cut volumes and a harmonious, well-proportioned interplay of open and closed, brightly plastered and colorfully clad surfaces. It is marked by a both economic and highly effective use of tinted brick as well as rounded balustrades. Moderately varying from the surrounding plots, the buildings thus become part of an “ensemble effect”. The structures facing the Ringstraße have a streetscape-forming quality while showing an appropriate presence towards the square. Meanwhile, the facades facing the courtyards and promenades feature a more unobtrusive quality. The overall conscientious composition of facades, free spaces and gardens and, last not least,  the high living quality are decisive identifying factors for the new residents, supporting the development of lively neighborhoods.