• Jüdisches Museum
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Frankfurt am Main

restructuring and expansion of the Jewish Museum  invited competition with LEESER Architecture PLLC, 2012

Kulturamt der Stadt Frankfurt am Main gross floor area: 3,850 sqm

project team: Jens Jakob Happ, Gill Russ, Thomas Leeser


The design complements and expands the museum’s exhibition space in the historical rooms of the classicist old buildings with a dynamic concept across all levels, forming an intriguing ensemble together with the existing listed buildings. The historical Rothschildpalais is ‘touched’ by the expansion at two points: The new, generously laid-out foyer on ground floor serves as both auditorium and distributional point for all other building parts while a bridge on the 3rd floor of the Untermainkai 14 building forms the end of the museum tour. With the new building, the Jewish Museum opens towards the city. The folded facade is a reminder of the multilayered history of Jewish life in Frankfurt.