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Frankfurt am Main

Kulturcampus, phase 1

57 rental flats, large-scale retail utilization

competition 2011, 1st prize 

ABG Frankfurt Holding service phases 1-8, completed, gross floor space: 11,970 sqm

project team: Jens Jakob Happ, Daniel Brückmann, Matthias Scholz, Azadeh Ahmadi, Lyubomira Mincheva


Following an invited competition, the AGB Frankfurt Holding chose the three winning offices Jens Jakob Happ, Stefan Forster und Karl Dudler for the planning of a housing development with retail utilization and an underground car park, situated in the city center of Frankfurt. The project is even more significant as it also marks the start for the urban development of the Kulturcampus on the former area of the Frankfurt Bockenheim University. The choice of architects mirrors the authority’s wish for a harmonious interlacing with the existing borough. Further requirements were a high architectural quality, passive house standards, a matching transport system (underground garage and delivery-traffic organization), as well as a functional and architecturally excellent integration of the retail space. Clear guidelines regarding integrative urban planning and ensemble structures had been formulated upfront: No “look-at-me” architecture was wished for; rather a design fitting harmoniously into its immediate environment. To match this vision, the typology of the neighboring Gründerzeit buildings at Sophienstraße was picked up to create a differenciated architectural quality. A high emphasis was put on the clear subdivision into a multitude of single buildings, marked by their respective entrances. Transparent facade structures as well as a contemporary interpretation of the Gründerzeit design language were also used to further implement the initial guidelines.  


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