• Mainz-Zollhafen
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residential and office building complex

47 apartments, office

invited competition, 1st prize


CA Immo Mainz Rheinwiesen II GmbH & Co. KG

gross floor space 6,684 sqm

project team: Jens Jakob Happ, Francisco Sebastian Falconi, Francisco Marín Nieto, Hannah Losacker

in cooperation with: Die LandschaftsArchitekten Bittkau-Bartfelder + Ingenieure, Wiesbaden


A strong plasticity with high-quality, sustainable materials and repetitive elements give the mixed-use building at its exposed spot on the Rhine river bank a homogeneous, unique and powerful appearance. The design moves between the two poles of the individual characteristics of living and office spaces and a symbolic unity: Both aspects of usage have their unique expression yet unite to an overall design, confidently claiming its space within the architectural surroundings. Materiality and coloring aim at a robust atmosphere matching the rough character of the immediate environment. The strict separation of the gardens is designed to blur over time.