• Rad der Erinnerung
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Frankfurt am Main

Rad der Erinnerung (memory wheel)

memorial at the Großmarkthalle competition 2009, with Prof. Claus Bury


The “Rad der Erinnerung” is a kinetic memorial. The memory wheel slowly moves on the spot. One full circle takes an hour. During all hours, the 28 engraved transports and destinations of the deported between 1941 and 1945 slowly roll past and eventually reappear. The wheel turns where the trains used to leave the area of the big market hall passing the still existing interlocking, and moving through the big arch of the railway bridge towards the east. The wheel reminds of the collective memory spaces in the base of the market hall while track fragments cut through the memorial square. The wheel surface is covered with welding seams, creating a net of lines and defined areas. Each section signifies a transport.