happarchitecture was founded in Frankfurt am Main in 2006 specializing in architecture and urban design. Today the firm counts a team of 15 employees. The focus of the office lies with challenging, conscientiously designed residential and mixed-use building projects. Connecting our buildings with its immediate surroundings, thus creating an ensemble is our primary goal. How will our designs fit into the urban context or landscape respectively, and how much freedom and room for individual development do they grant the future user? Those are the predominant questions at the beginning of each of our projects. We draw from the rich treasures of the pre-modern period and its architectural ideas and imagery that we strive to transform into a contemporary form language. The typological traditions of European urban planning are model as well as motivation for us which we build upon and continue developing. Thus, we are not keen on innovation at all costs but rather on preserving successful models of the past which we adapt to today's challenges. Our claim is a timeless architecture with finely coordinated, sustainable materials, harmonious proportions as well as balanced facades that hold their own within the modern urban context.