happarchitecture. is an office for architecture and urban planning and was founded in Frankfurt on the Main in 2006. The office focuses on the planning of sensitive, sophisticated residential houses and buildings which unite various uses under one roof. The interplay with the existing urban framework and the specific surroundings of a new building is always put front and center. We ask: What does the urban or landscape context demand from our buildings and how much freedom and individual development do they allow the future users? For our designs, we draw from the treasure trove of pictures and ideas from centuries of urban planning and architecture, without renouncing the artistic means of our times. The typologies of European building traditions serve as both model and measure. Rather than reinventing, we strive to understand the potential of the tried and tested and adapt it to meet the challenges of contemporary needs and usage. Our goal is a timeless architecture with balanced, well-proportioned facades as well as finely coordinated, sustainable and durable materials: Houses, built to last.