• Union Invest
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Frankfurt am Main

conversion of an office tower in Frankfurt

re-planning 2015

Auftraggeber: NN

project team: Jens Jakob Happ, Elvis Hot 

The Union Invest high rise building from 1978 prominently overlooks the Main riverbank. Its square, stout figure presents an unmissable and much discussed object and stands as an example for the second generation of Frankfurt tower blocks. The study examines the conversion of the 19-story office and administration building into a residential tower, with the goal of maintaining the contrasting structure of solid edges and loftily mounted floor levels, yet to remodel these according to the new usage. The unusual shape of the building’s head adds to the new interpretation like a signature. On ground floor level, the collection of the Museum of World Cultures could find enough space in the grand hall which opens to the Main river. Breaking away from the established, pearl-string structure of the museums embankment, and aiming towards the international borough around the station, the museum would thus find an adequate new space.