Frankfurt am Main
conversion of an office tower in Frankfurt
re-planning 2015
Auftraggeber: NN

The Union Invest high-rise building from 1978 is set most prominently on the Main river banks. Its compact outline marks the always controversial yet unique quality of “second generation high rises” in Frankfurt. The study examines a possible conversion of the 19-storied office and administration building to a residential tower. It strives to keep the characteristic combination of massive edges and lightly mounted levels by merely transforming them to match the new requirements. Signet of the new interpretation is the unusual head of the building. The base level with its grand hall, opening towards the Main river, would provide enough space for the Museum of World Cultures collection.By connecting with Frankfurt‘s international Bahnhofsviertel borough, the new museum escapes the established pearly string of the museum bank and finds a new, appropriate location. 

project team: Jens Jakob Happ, Elvis Hot