• Projekte / Fassadensanierung GWH Kassel

High-rise Building, fundamental facade renovation
invited workshop procedure 3rd place, 2022
GWH Wohnungsgesellschaft mbH Hessen

Prominently situated, the 10-storey office building in the heterogeneous city context around the historic Königsplatz needs a design which defines without domination. The detailed and sculpturally differentiated new facade creates an appropriately prominent presence for the high rise within its urban context. Its timeless, elegant formal language and materiality breaks up the monotony of the ribbon facade. Parapets, cornices and pilasters emphasise the verticality in all parts of the new facade, adding a finer texture and a lively shadow play to the image. The chosen natural stone for the cladding, a greyish-green, vivaciously structured shell-limestone fits all required sustainability and longevity standards. Meanwhile, the closed walls of the side facade and stair tower offer space for enough PV elements to cover the basic energy supply for the building.

project team: Jens Jakob Happ, Anjuscha Helbig, Cihan Akar, Matthias Scholz
with: Lemon Consult, TeamCon und AplusF Fassadenplanung GmbH