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Friedrichsdorf in the Taunus

51 private homes, 31 rental homes 

invited competition, 2016 

 Frank Heimbau Gruppe Hofheim gross floor area: 9,233,75 sqm

project team: Jens Jakob Happ, Elvis Hot, Julian della Morte, Silvia Santos, Matthias Scholz


In Friedrichsdorf, a new ecologically planned residential quarter is in the making, picturesquely set on a sloping plot surrounded by fields and orchards. Single 3-storied houses with apartments and a green area will form the center, framed by family homes. The townhouses by the park represent the ambitious urban design concept with a high, individualized living quality, both at large and in detail. Sustainable materials, light-colored brick, earthy tones for the plastered walls and wooden hues mark the character of the facades. The comfortable and functional interiors resume the high economical and technical claim of the shell on the inside and provide comfort and coziness with natural surfaces. The east facing entrance facade is structured vertically and differentiates between plaster and stone. On the southeast facing side, horizontal formats, generous glazing as well as loggias, balconies and roof terraces underline an orientation towards the light and the expansive views across the landscape. White plaster frames mark the windows and underline the rhythmic succession of openings and wall surface. Along the vertical axis, a slightly raised frame around the middle of the buildings hide technical installations such as collectors and ventilation units. Necessary technology thus becomes an integral part of the design concept. All apartments are united by a clear zoning of living and sleeping quarters. As to provide differentiated, individual design options, the kitchen can either be integrated axially in the main living area, or be attached to its side.