Rodgau- West are development
closed, urban planning competition 
3rd prize 2017

The city of Rodgau lives and breathes through its highly connected five boroughs, set up like pearls on a string, and enjoys high quality greenery as well as an excellent infrastructure. Situated southeast of the metropolis of Frankfurt, the suburban green city is subject to high development pressure. The guidelines are to maintain and secure a sense of community, the cross-residential linkage with the neighboring city parts of Jügesheim and Hainhausen, as well as a connection with the landscape zone to the west. On the basis of a clear block structure, a broad specter of open and closed neighborhoods emerges, always providing a clear differentiation between public and private spaces, the inside and the outside. The central points of market, town square and school are connected in a line along the east-west clip and within easy reach for each inhabitant.

project team: Jens Jakob Happ, Sílvia Santos, Tobias Schafroth 
cooperation: WGF Objekt Landschaftsarchitekten GmbH, Nürnberg und tobeSTADT, städte.bau.planung.dialog, Frankfurt am Main