Stadt Dietzenbach, building area 70
3 duplexes invited competition 2020 
Werkmann GmbH & Co KG

On the – prominently situated – remaining three building sites of the residential planning area 70 in the district town of Dietzenbach, three energetically and architecturally exemplary duplexes are planned to bring the ambitious urban development to its conclusion. Here, the design-determining factors of combining high energy efficiency with a pleasing architectural design were realised according to the motto ‘building without concrete’. The completely wooden new buildings with their three-fold, cubic building sequence correspond with the multi-generational apartment building project opposite, thus creating an ensemble by taking the immediate urban planning surroundings into account. Facades clad with wooden shingles and a unifying roofscape of flat, sloping roofs with eaves facing the promenade create a homogeneous building cubature which does not differentiate between front and back. This aspect also underlines the importance of the spatial definition relating to the central inner city route axis.

project team: Jens Jakob Happ, Elvis Hot, Nan Wu