Residential and commercial complex
57 subsidized rental flats, retail, gastronomy
invited competition, 1stprize 2018  
SEG Stadtentwicklungsgesellschaft Wiesbaden mbH
service phases 1-4, in planning, gross floor space 3,084 sqm

The cityscape of Wiesbaden is defined largely by its 19thcentury mansion districts. The development on the triangular plot between Viktoria- and Frankfurter Straße forms a prelude to the new Quartier Kaiserhof borough. The design connects with the prominent architectural heritage of the neighboring, well preserved turn-of-the-century structures with three free-standing, four to five-storied townhouses as a contemporary interpretation. Following on the development on the north-side triangle, three residential houses are grouped around an intimate courtyard, slightly elevated and thus distinguishing the private from the public areas. Here, the entrances with barrier-free access to the elevators are situated, while the bicycle rooms are integrated in the pedestal storey. The two higher buildings towards Frankfurter Straße are fitted with slate-covered mansard roofs while the smaller house at the center of the complex features a flat inclined rooftop. 

project team:Jens Jakob Happ, Fransisco Marín Nieto, Melissa Stöhr, Igor Toskovic, Ting Zehn 
in cooperation with: Die LandschaftsArchitekten Bittkau - Bartfelder + Ingenieure GbR